Real Madrid overtime wins Chelsea.

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Real Madrid qualified for the Champions League semi-finals after Karim Benzema headed a crucial goal in extra-time to secure a 5-4 aggregate win over Chelsea. With Chelsea winning back in 90 minutes 3-1.

Real Madrid who won 3-1 in the first leg. Still had Karim Benzema leading the attack. While Chelsea sent Timo Werner to play alongside Kai Havertz. 

Starting the game in the 13th minute. Chelsea had a chance to win first from a corner kick that Antonio Rudiger had headed. But the ball cross the crossbar. 

Chelsea took the lead two minutes later. When UFABET Ruben Loftus-Chick bounce the ball for Timo Werner. Before it bounced into the box where Mason Mount ran. After him before shooting right plug in a beautiful net. 

Real Madrid had a chance in the 24th minute. When the away defense intercepted the ball in the direction of Benzema. Lapping right from the front of the penalty area. But the ball deflected past Thiago Silva before slipping a little over the crossbar.

The home team does not have a rhythm to threaten the defense line. The away team, plus 34 minutes, Chelsea also had another chance to win from Rudiger’s long distance try. But the ball curve was not enough, so it fell off the post behind him. Before the end of the first half, Chelsea took the lead 1-0.

Six minutes into the second half.

Chelsea shocked the home crowd with a 2-0 lead as Mason Mount’s corner kicked in for Antonio Rudiger to pass the ball past Thibaut Gu. Courtois enters

Real Madrid escaped a third goal in the 62nd minute when Ferland Mendy lost the ball, Chelsea immediately attacked, with N’Golo Kante flowing for Marcos Alonso’s first shot blocked. But repeated shots plugged into a beautiful distant triangle pillar. However, the referee found that the incident The ball bounced off Alosso’s hand before repeating it, causing the goal to be forfeited.

The natives almost broke the egg in the 66th minute when Fairland Mendy opened the ball for Karim Benzema to head through Mendy’s hand, but the ball wiped the crossbar behind him.

Chelsea took the goal 3-0 in the 75th minute when Mateo Kovacic flowed the ball into the left-hand penalty area for Timo Werner to lock in from two Real Madrid players before firing. Right, the ball deflected Thibaut Courtois before bouncing into the far post.

Real Madrid did not give up, chasing for 3-1 in the next five minutes, Luka Modric opened the ball with a superior outside foot for Rodrigo to run into the penalty area to shoot without touching. The ball squeezed the post into the beautiful goal.

Then there were no more goals that resulted in the end of the game. Chelsea won 3-1 on aggregate of two games, drawing 4-4 ​​with extra time.

In extra time in the 96th minute, Karim Benzema surged until Vinicius got the ball on the left side before elaborately allowing Benzema to hit the center of the goal, passing the ball through Mendy’s hand into Real Madrid. It’s 3-2, but the total goals lead 5-4. 

Chelsea then, no side to score more goals to finish 120 minutes, Chelsea beat Real Madrid 3-2, but a total of two games as Real Madrid reach the semi-finals with a total goal of 5-4, waiting to meet the winner between Atletico Madrid and Manchester City