Peter Crouch has criticized Chelsea attacker Kai Havertz

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Peter Crouch has criticized Chelsea attacker Kai Havertz as he is unable to leave the club without a shadow, playmaker partner Mason Mount, No. 10, moreover, the former striker. The England international also upset Blues fans by seeing a shadow of Mesut Ozil lay on top of the 21-year-old.

Head coach Thomas Tuchel found a good plan 3-4-2-1 away to Juventus in Turin, appearing headlong losing 0-1, with the problem Crouch sees is the Playme duo. Ger Havertz – Hakim Ziyech plays clean, wrong with Havertz-Mount. The good shin is not injured. 

This led to the questioning of the Deutsche playmaker that despite his high football technique being the highlight. But why are you too lazy to run pressing? And then eat the force of his friends until he thinks of Ozil, a former Arsenal attacker who can play the same style. 

What’s even worse is that the opportunity is wasted. Like a rhythm that will notify the prospect of a corner kick from Ben Chilwell, not entering the box in the stoppage time I think it’s worthwhile to hurry back to develop yourself urgently. 

“I think Ziyech and Havertz played disappointingly,” said the former Liverpool forward, the Champions League runners-up. 2007 began to say.

“Seeing that Havertz made me think of Ozil, who made things look easy on the pitch. Nong Mandu has a brilliant football technique. but at the same time looks lazy and consumes other people’s energy.”

“He can irritate your eyeballs. Just like last night, playing really offended.”

“Speaking of Mason Mount, he has the same qualities as the young Kai, but more is his fervor. 

“Football technique, helping to come on defense, the ability to work harder – look more diligent and that’s what I see as the difference.”

“Last night, Max Allegri caught that point. Prevent sticky first. It made it difficult for Chelsea to break in.” 

Interesting when Mount misses to kick the team losing 0-1 in two consecutive matches. Have to wait to see the progress of the game over the weekend. Will Southampton be okay?