Chelsea are not using the full potential of Romelu Lukaku

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Antonio Conte believes Chelsea are not using the full potential of the highly-rated striker Romelu Lukaku. Which has resulted in a lack of consistency on the net. with him at Inter Milan.

Lukaku has been in hot form for the past two years. When Giuseppe Meazza was involved with Scudetto in the 2020-21 season. Until being bought back by the Blues. The second one costs 97.5 million pounds. 

Although the 28-year-old spear broke four goals in his first four games against Chelsea, but the big game against Liverpool, Manchester City and the latest Champions League defeat to Juventus 0-1, the same symptoms are clean target 

brought to the comments of his old cousin, Conte, that head coach Thomas Tuchel still pulls the performance of ‘ROM’ not fully, but if resolved along the way, there will be a chance to defend the championship title.

Chelsea are not using the full potential of Romelu Lukaku

“I think he can do better. Because every technique I had was better than that.” Conte’s with ufabet

“That guy is already at a high level. But players should maintain quality improvements until the date of retirement.”

“During last night’s game there was a period when Lukaku needed to switch on. But besides that, he’s one of the toughest strikers the opponent has to deal with. Because it can damage every position on the field.” 

“If you have a target spear like that You need to use him. And I don’t think Chelsea have now solved the problem of how to use Lukaku.” 

“Last season, they didn’t have a decisive spear. So it has to be rotated before Romelu comes up as a reference example for that position.” 

“But if they can fix the way Lukaku works, then Chelsea can be a team that can win trophies. CHPS this season again.”

season highlights of Lukaku-Conte It was last season because of the formation of 24 goals in the Italian Serie A, and the ‘Python’ was the league champion again in 10 years.