Manchester United will appeal Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s extended ban

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Manchester United will appeal against Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s extended ban. He using the case of Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne as an analogy.

Wan-Bissaka has been banned by the European Football Federation (UEFA) for two games for a red card for defending. After stomping on Young Boys’ ankle Christoph Martins by the Red Devils full-back. One penalty has already been used in the last game in the Red Devils’ win over Villarreal. So he will be suspended for another game in the next match against Atalanta.  

However, Manchester United view Kevin De Bruyne, who was not shown a red card from a similar cadence, slammed the Paris Saint-Germain players. It is a different decision from Wan-Bissaka’s case and prepares to use the two events to compare to appeal to reduce Wan-Bissaka’s second ban.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said: “I’m very surprised. It’s the most disappointing We will definitely have to file an appeal. It was almost like getting a three-game ban. Because a player was sent off early in the first 30 minutes. That time was two-thirds of the game.” 

“If you look at the interception of the players from the other team in this city. Sometimes it’s even more dangerous and only got a yellow card It’s not consistent at all.”