5 ways to avoid “snoring“

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5 ways to avoid “snoring

Snoring is cause by neck muscles relaxing. While sleeping causing the throat to narrow. This results in the need to breathe in and out more and more. When the airway narrows to a certain point. The strength of the breath increases until. It causes vibration of the tissues within the respiratory system. causing the sound of snoring to follow. In addition, snoring is cause by many reasons.

Such as the blockage of the respiratory system. This is cause by the sagging of the muscles within the respiratory system such as the tongue, uvula, soft palate, throat, or may cause by decreased lubricant in the respiratory system. This causes dryness and swelling of the airways, thus narrowing. When breathing, it makes a snoring sound.

Men have a higher rate of snoring than women. Especially obese people, the elderly, allergy patients. or rhinitis overworker or exercise too much In addition, drinking alcohol, smoking a lot, taking sleeping pills can cause snoring. If the throat narrows again and again. 

It will result in a temporary blockage in the throat. causing the inhalation to disappear momentarily became a phenomenon known as sleep apnea. Which if anyone has such symptoms should hurry to see a doctor Because if left unchecked, it could be the source of other diseases such as high blood pressure. Ischemic heart disease, paralysis, as well as causing problems with close people. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet 

7 ways to avoid snoring

  1. weight control Obesity is one of the main causes of snoring. because of the fat accumulated in the respiratory tract around the neck squeezed down Including the fat on the chest and stomach, it is also a burden for the body to breathe harder. and use more energy to breathe
  2. Exercise to help strengthen the muscles that hold the airways. While sleeping, the tissues inside the mouth do not sag and obstruct the airway.
  3. Take a sleeping position Try to take a sleeping position to prevent mouth breathing by lying on your side with your elbows bent for one hand to support the chin to cover the mouth Or you can use a pillow to support your back to prevent turning over to sleep on your back. You may practice by sleeping in a narrow space until you get use to it. Or try using a tennis ball tucked into the back of your nightgown. This discomfort will always remind you to sleep on your side.
  4. raise your head higher If you really can’t sleep on your side Lie on your back and use a small pillow. Support at the top of the back of the neck Elevate your head from the bed. This will prevent the tongue from lowering into the throat causing a snoring sound.
  5. Keep the mattress clean. Try to eliminate risk factors for asthma, allergies, which are one of the causes of snoring, such as dust mites and fur.