Answer questions. Broken fingers often. Is it dangerous or not?

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Answer questions. Broken fingers often. Is it dangerous or not?

One of our best friends is someone who likes to snap his fingers a lot. Try to imagine that hold a handful The other hand is held open, holding the clenched finger. and then press his own finger, snapping loudly See and hurt instead. When we try to do it sometimes, it appears that “pain” is not comfortable in the hand. Relieve the pain of your fingers as your friend told you.

But actually, this type of snapping Is it harmful to our fingers? ยูฟ่าเบท has the answer.

Is “Break Your Finger” Dangerous?

If asked about the dangers caused by breaking a finger at the risk of becoming something serious, such as various diseases Probably answered no, but if talking about the “bad effects” that will follow, that is, the bones may grow big. Especially the bones of young children that have not yet fully developed. finger fracture or too much disturbance in the finger bone May cause abnormal bone growth In addition to protruding bigger It can cause the bone to deformed, distorted, not in the normal shape.

But that doesn’t mean Whoever broke a finger Everyone will have symptoms like this. Some people are fortunate enough to have their fingers broken. There are no abnormalities in the finger bones. Maybe it’s because it’s a fully grown adult finger bone. Or maybe it’s because they don’t break their fingers often. Doesn’t disturb the finger bone too much

Therefore, breaking a finger does not have any positive effect on the body. Unless it relaxes your fingertips the way some people might. But if someone doesn’t feel so tired that they want to break their fingers Or when your fingers are tired but don’t want to break them can be changed to straighten the fingers Bend your fingers to the back of your hand. Gently flicking your fingers for 30 seconds helps relax the bones. And the muscles of the fingers as well.