Wes Brown nudges Ole to unlock the champ

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Wes Brown, former Manchester United defender, has shown that manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has completed the team for three years. The strength is ripe It’s worth the time to take the championship in a concrete way. Because if you’re empty-handed, there’s a chance that you won’t be able to continue the project.

Solskjaer has come to control United instead of Jose Mourinho since December 2018 has had the opportunity to buy – sell players for 6 rounds in the market, so almost all of the current team is screened by the Norwegian boss. 

Wes Brown nudges Ole to unlock the champ

Plus the strong support from the board in the summer of 2021, getting A grades like Cristiano Ronaldo, Jadon Sancho and Rafael Varane taking the lap, it was time to have a trophy in the showcase. After releasing more hardwood since 2017 

“He has signed a contract with a lot of good players. This past summer, grab a winning player to help the team. So this season is a turning point for Solskjaer,” Brown, who was at Old Trafford for eight years at Met Ole, told Mail Online.

“But being the manager of Manchester United, anyone has to control the army in the hope of achieving tangible success. That’s what our club is. There are no exceptions for Ole, but I think this season we have the squad that can do it.”

“Signing to bring in the experience of having won many trophies helps. We are at the beginning of this season. The team is in the process of learning from each other. We can be champions.” 

“This is a new team, take off the handle. In particular, the defensive game is being studied. Cristiano is back, they just kicked the warm-up. I think the more you play the game, the better it gets when you look at the potential in hand.”

“What must be done immediately is to maintain consistency.” 

The last trophy United won four years before the Europa League thanks to former manager Jose Mourinho.