Van Dijk reveals that he still hasn’t been in full form due to injury

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Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk opens up about being able to thrive on a much better form as he is not yet fully fit after a long injury break.

Van Dijk is back on the pitch this season after having knee surgery earlier in the season that hampered him for months. But still admit that even now playing many matches. It’s still not at the level it used to be.

The Dutch national team defender said. “I will try everything. Do whatever it takes to come back as best as you can. as soon as possible So far I’m happy with the progress I’ve made. but not the best”

“I can still get a lot of form out of it. Those who know about knee injuries and have been out for a long time will know that they can get there. Even after you can come back and play. It may be a year before you fully recover. However, everyone’s body is different. knees are different Recovery is different.”

“So far I am feeling good and happy that the manager has given me the confidence to play. Give me a chance to get fitter, I feel good, but I still need to improve a lot. And I feel like I’m on my way.”