Jamie Carragher suspects Klopp has no mentioned Mohamed Salah.

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Jamie Carragher suspects Jurgen Klopp has seldom mentioned Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian striker is contracted to the team until 2023, with talks about a new deal continuing. But while many other players renew their contracts. Especially the case of Jordan Henderson that seemed troublesome at first. Before being dealt with, but Salah’s affair was quiet, with Carragher questioning about Salah’s case, which the German boss rarely spoke about.

         “Klopp has pledged that the deal for captain Jordan Henderson will be ‘resolved’ after a brief stint and it was settled immediately. But he said he was not ‘involved’ in talks with Salah,” Carragher told The Telegraph and ufabet .

Jamie Carragher suspects Klopp has no mentioned Mohamed Salah.

         “That looks weird. If there is a good reason for Salah’s inability to rectify the situation with the same urgency. It is still an unsatisfactory explanation.”

         “Whenever we talk about Liverpool’s renaissance, we often focus on the influence of Van Dijk and Alisson taking the team to the next level. That’s fair but we shouldn’t forget that the foundation is in place because of the impact. Salah immediately, who scored 44 goals in his first year Van Dijk signed.

         “In 25 years from now the fans will dig into this era and consider how lucky they are to see Salah score goals. They will watch the video again and look at his stats with awe.

         “I hope they don’t look back and ask, ‘Why did he leave before breaking Roger Hunt’s record?'”