Chelsea talks Nagelsmann positive direction but not hasty decision

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Talks between Chelsea directors and Julian Nagelsmann last week going in a positive direction. Sky Sports reports the progress of talks between Paul Winstanley and Laurence Stewart, two of Chelsea’s sporting directors. With Nagelsmann for the first time on Thursday. The result came out in a good direction. 

However, the indigo blue lion will not rush decisions or take any action During this time. Todd Bohly, in his capacity as club chairman will take his time to make careful decisions. After this season ended empty-handed. Of course. But will let Frank Lampard act until the end of the contract in June UFABET

Nagelsmann is considered one of the candidates for a new Chelsea manager along with Luis Enrique, Mauricio Pochettino, Ruben Amorim, with the young German coach being. Well-known duo of director Chris Wiwell and Laurence Stewart from when they worked together at RB Leipzig.

Chelsea sacked Graeme Potter on April 2 and placed Bruno Saltor in charge of the team temporarily. Before Lampard was appointed on a short-term basis until the end of the season. In the next 4 days, despite some discussions with the coach, One of them is Luis Enrique.

For Nagelsmann had led Bayern  to win the German Bundesliga last season. But for this season, the results seem to be unsatisfactory by the board of directors and football fans. So they were fired from their positions . But he went on a ski trip to Austria during the international break after losing 2-1 to Bayer Leverkusen. Which should have upset the club’s board greatly.