Causes of bloating.

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Bloating (Bloated Stomach) is a condition in which the stomach feels tight. Due to gas in the stomach causing the stomach to look swollen Bloating can happen to both children and adults. When symptoms occur, it will cause inconvenience in performing various activities due to abdominal discomfort. And how to some people may also feel stomach pain. ufabet

Bloating can occur for many reasons. both caused by health problems or caused by eating symptoms The causes of bloating are as follows:

Swallowing large amounts of air

Opening your mouth, talking, laughing, eating too much or too quickly Or even breathing through the mouth will cause a lot of air to go into the stomach. and will flow through the intestinal system It is then released with a fart. If there is too much air in the abdomen, it may cause and hiccups .

Eating food or drinks that contain gas or cause gas

Foods such as beans, broccoli, carbonated drinks, or beer  can cause gas to build up in the stomach, leading to bloating. But this depends on the condition of each person’s digestive system.


Most people who experience bloating usually have the following symptoms. 

  • Feeling sick and due to having a lot of gas in the stomach. 
  • Frequent burping or farting
  • There was a rumbling sound in the stomach. 
  • have stomach pain

Patients should observe the frequency of symptoms. And hurry to see a doctor if chronic bloating occurs. along with other abnormalities such as incessant vomiting Vomiting blood  Blood in the stool,  loss of consciousness